Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Atmospheric Animation' meets TV weatherman

Larry Sprinkle, well-known TV weatherman for Charlotte's Channel 36 News, visited an animation class I'm helping to teach at Idlewild Elementary yesterday. The 5th grade students in this elective class are creating clay animation movies on the topic of weather. (Weather is part of the core science curriculum for 5th graders in North Carolina.) During his visit Mr. Sprinkle (his real name!) told the students how lightning is created. He also graciously posed for photos that the students will incorporate into their animation, and recorded audio for the movies as well.

Idlewild art teacher Rebecca Kelly is leading the class, which was arranged by Gloria Jones and funded by a grant from the Arts & Science Council, which supports the cultural community in Charlotte.
In a few weeks I hope to have more information about the class and a link to the animation the students create.

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